Our production team, consisting of knitting specialists & knitting machine operators, work a 3-shift operation. In order to ensure that we achieve the best quality, our machines are regularly serviced, cleaned & the knitted fabric is checked continuously during production. No machine is started up without having been given the OK by one of our knitting specialists. 80 circular knitting machines that meet the latest standards are operated.

With our plant & machinery, we can produce:

  • Tubular & wide fabrics.
  • Widths from 15cm to 220cm.
  • Different knitted structures such as spacer fabrics, fine rib, interlock, single jersey & special knitted structures.
  • Gauges from E15 to E36.

The diversity of our plant & machinery enables us to produce technical knitted fabrics from a wide range of materials. Many different knitted structures & the processing of specialist yarns achieve the required characteristics for the corresponding application area. Aramide, Bioactive, cotton, Euramid, Kermel, polyamide, polyester, silver & viscose are processed in our production.