Our geotextiles

Our geotextiles are processed as injection hoses or anchor socks. Despite textile production, the hoses are suitable for filling bulk goods and concrete or cement. Our hoses are stretchable, tear-resistant and produced without seams. The geotextiles are available in diameters from 120 mm to 500 mm & in three lengths of 25 running meters, 50 running meters and 100 running meters.


Geothermal Energy
Ground Anchoring

Geothermal energy

In geothermal energy, geotextiles are used to protect drilling equipment and to stabilize the soil. The geothermal boreholes open up deep wells and alternative energies.

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Ground anchoring

Our grouting hoses are used for ground anchoring in civil engineering. The drill holes for the anchors are provided with our geotextiles before they are filled with grout. This means that the controlled filling takes place without hindering external influences.

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