About the label

Our roots

TECHNICALKNITS BY EDELWEISS is a label from Edelweiß Maschenstoffe Herter GmbH & Co. KG. In 1955, brother & sister, Karl Jetter & Irma Herter (née Jetter), founded the company with its headquarters in South Germany. Today, Bernd Herter, the son of the founder Irma Herter, heads up the family-run producer of knitted fabrics.

As a result of the experience built up over more than 60 years in the production of apparel fabrics for customers including a number of well-known brands, the company has established itself not just in the fashion industry but it has also been instrumental in the development & production of technical textiles. Due to the expansion of the product portfolio, 2018 has seen the launch of the label TECHNICALKNITS BY EDELWEISS.

Our specialisation

The focus of TECHNICALKNITS BY EDELWEISS is on the development & production of technical knitted fabrics. The creation of simple or special knitted structures by processing textile yarns makes it possible to deploy knitted fabrics for technical applications. Technical textiles are applied for example, for filtration, for flame retardancy, for sound proofing or reflection as well as for personal protective equipment (PPE). Our team’s expertise, our continuous drive for progress, our extensive plant & machinery including 80 circular knitting machines as well as our suppliers of specialist yarns make it possible for us to have this focus.

Our team

The Edelweiß Maschenstoffe Herter GmbH & Co. KG Company is made up of a team of 22 people, covering Development, Production, Warehousing & Logistics as well as Administration. Because we are an owner-run company, there is very much a feeling of family about the place.