Our textiles for use in personal protective equipment

In order to give our technical knitted fabrics, the characteristics for the protection of people, not only mesh constructions are sufficient, but the processing of technical para and meta-aramids give the properties corresponding to the requirements.


Flame Retardant
Cut Protection
Motorcycle Protective Clothing
Stab Protection & Ballistics

Flame retardant

For flame retardant clothing, we supply technical textiles that are processed into gloves, fire brigade clothing, for example balaclavas and underwear. Knitted goods with these characteristics are not only flame retardant but also antistatic.

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Cut protection

Personal protective clothing for wood and forest work requires tensile and tear-resistant textiles made from technical yarns. Due to the mesh construction and material composition, our knitted fabrics are not only tensile, but also elastic, so that the protection of the person is guaranteed. Our products are used in gloves and outerwear - shirts & pants.

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Motorcycle protective clothing

Tensile and tear-resistant textiles are also used as abrasion-resistant materials in motorcycle protective clothing. As an elastic inner lining, our knitted fabrics protect bikers from falls. If the upper material does not withstand the abrasion, the bikers experience additional protection from our products.

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Stab protection & ballistics

To protect law enforcement officers and special units from stabbing weapons, we have developed technical textiles that are tensile and elastic at the same time. Protection & comfort are top priority.

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